+1 Innovation Project: Feeding the Poor

On May 31, my friend and I set forward to help feed the homeless.  We drove around Huntington Beach, Westminster, Garden Grove, and Fountain Valley handing out pizza.

I first came up with this idea when watching Youtube videos of a group of men going out of their way to take a homeless man to eat at a buffet, shower, buy new clothes, and get a hair cut.  I thought it was pretty cool and i wanted to do something similar to it, except blowing a lot of money, so I bought two boxes of pizza.

The project didn’t take long to do, for it was only about 2 hours.  However, out of those 2 hours, about 2/3 of it was driving around trying to find homeless.  It appears as if you can’t find something you need when you need it, and you keep running into something when you don’t want to.  Most of the homeless accepted the charity, but others declined for unknown reasons.  After finishing this project, it made me feel really good about myself.  I finally understand what athletes mean when they describe their “giving back to the community” acts.

The Bigger They are, the Harder They Fall

Everyday was a different adventure for Regina Gahdatmulah.  On Monday, she was awoken by glistening shine from the water droplets from the palm trees.  She stretched her arms as far as the world and walked down to where the sea meets the sand.  Hers butler brings her a freshly speared king salmon seasoned and smoked ready to devour.  By 10 o’clock, she has gone to the country club while accompanied by male Hollister models.  Her schedule was normal for her, until one of the models decided he wanted to have a little fun.  His plan was to accidentally run into her, a nice greeting by surprise.  He would then make her feel like she is the only girl that mattered to him and living on the planet, giving her compliments left and right.  Her face turned as red as a tomato, but he was still trying to have fun.  They went out to dinner the next night at a fancy Romanian restaurant by the bay.  She orders her dish and stares into his eyes wondering about the things to come, and he looks back, but not her her, but the idea of a strong, wealthy woman, going down to the level of a man getting $50,000 a year.  They exchange sentences, and the model starts to feel a very unpleasant feel in his veins.  They depart and they return to their houses.  He cannot stop thinking about this women, but he knows he is not a man of commitment.  He starts to get mixed feelings, for all his life he was a player, playing with many girls hearts, making them look like a fool, but now he sits on the couch eating cookies and cream ice cream.  He decides that he cannot stay with the girl and runs off to Canada to live with Beavers and make Maple syrup as a living.  The women woke the next morning to a quite unpleasant message from her butler.  The card read the man’s name and a reason for why he is leaving, She is heartbroken, for all her dreams of being with this person is crushed and all hope for a future is gone.  At 10 o’clock, as she is driving towards the country club, she begins to cry intensely,  Tears run down her cheeks, catching her eyeliner as they fall.  She wipes her eyes, but loses control and crashes to another car.  Her life flashes before her.  All her accomplishments to get to the place she is, wiped away because of one stupid event.  Her car flips 29 times until falling off the bridge into the bay 100 feet below.  The other driver was heard to be ok, with only a few fractures.  He asked if the other person was okay, but he did not receive an answer he liked.  His belongings was returned to him, but it was missing one item, his passport.

s/o to Gatsby

Of Mice and Men

After reading “Of Mice and Men” by John Steinbeck, a lot has crossed my mind, one of it including: how can normal people stay calm and deal with other people who are not as stable as them for long periods of time.  In the book, George and Lennie travel together, but Lennie isn’t the sharpest pencil in the drawer, so he relies on George a lot.  Lennie does certain things that pisses George off a lot, but George has a way to not go crazy and kick him out of his life.  Almost every chapter in the book, it describes George playing solitaire by himself, which is his defense mechanism.

What if there was a way for everybody to deal with their everyday problems like George?   Kids won’t go kill themselves because their parents of school is over stressing them.  People won’t go robing banks and houses because they are too poor.  Jobless people won’t have to move into the streets because they can no longer pay their bills.  If the government could set a safety net for the people who hit rock bottom, there would be less disorder, and it would allow the person to find themselves and continue to do their part in society.

Though George and Lennie have been through a lot, he still carried him all the way until the end, until Lennie did one thing that ruined everything.  For his punishment, he was killed, and that is what our government should do to.  Rule with a powerful, but caring way.  Help those in need but remove those who cause chaos and havoc,


This blog post is super dank and fire af. If I threw an egg at it it would turn into an omelet in less than .420 seconds. The idea of living life to the fullest is the raddest idea I have ever heard. The words and imagination of this post were so hot that it could raised the sea temperature by 20 degrees and the ice in the poles would have melted and flooded all the land so that everyone to die. This would lead to a group of people starting civilization over again, and the only remaining written artifacts will be this post. Through this post, a new era will be built on the morals and lessons written by the great Danek G. s/o to Danek.


Life is pretty rad. I mean just think about it. There are so many dope things you can do in life. You can go for a walk… or a drive if you’re too lazy. The possibilities are endless, and that’s pretty rad if you ask me. But sometimes you’re gonna feel like life isn’t rad. Everyone feels this way. Even Obama feels this way, and I think he feels like that all the time with all the crap people give him lol. Did I just use lol in a blog post? Yeah I did, because life is rad and I can. But back to the topic. Yeah, you’re gonna feel down in the dumps. It’s going to feel like the end of the world, but its not. Why is it not you ask? Because if the world didn’t end on December 21, 2012 then it’s definitely not going to end…

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…As Papa Bear, Mama Bear, and Little Bear came home, it is to their surprise that their house has been broken into.  Their soups had been spilled and splashed all over the floor and wall.  The bowls are broken in half as too Little Bear’s chair.  The chair has arm rests that has been snapped at the middle and the rocking arcs are across the room.  It is quiet for a moment.  The three bears hear a scuffling upstairs and Papa Bear leads to investigate it.  They open the bedroom door and see a body in the covers of the smallest bed.  Unfortunate, they thought they saw a body.   They uncovered it all saw Grandpa Bear tied up with duct tape on his mouth.  Mama Bear and Little Bear scream in terror as Goldilocks comes out of the closet with a machete.  She threatens them into a corner and grabs little bear.  The Bears did not know what they have done to upset Goldilocks, but the Grandpa does.  He explains that the soup he made for Papa bear and his family was made from Goldilocks brothers sisters and parents and that she was here for revenge.  Papa Bear knew what had to be done to save his family.  He noticed the fear in his family’s eyes so he decided to make a move.  Unfortunately, Goldilocks was more than an average girl with blonde ponytails, she smelled the fear and anxiousness from the bears and reacted to Papa Bear’s strike.  She cut off his hand and continued to do so to the rest of his body.  She then tied up all the bears to the bed frame and lit the house on fire.   An explosion boomed as she walked away with sunglasses, scars and a machete on her back in slow motion.

…As Papa Bear, Mama Bear, and Little Bear came home, it is to their surprise that their house has been broken into.  Their soups had been spilled and splashed all over the floor and wall.  The bowls are broken in half as too Little Bear’s chair.  The chair has arm rests that has been snapped at the middle and the rocking arcs are across the room.  It is quiet for a moment.  The three bears hear a scuffling upstairs and Papa Bear leads to investigate it.  They open the bedroom door and see a bump under the covers of the bed.  The door shuts and all goes black…

Stephen Curry

One of the NBA’s biggest rising stars, and MVP candidate for this season is Stephen Curry..  Personally, I think he has a lot of potential to start a sweat shop store considering his crazy hand skills.

Speaking of sweatshops, 36% of China’s population live on less than $2 a day.  This forces 85% of the poor living in rural areas to move to urban cities and work in sweatshops.  Anothing thing that makes China a subject to talk about is it’s government, communism.  Nobody really likes communism because it makes the people sad, depressed and live in bad conditions while the powerful chill in the background and put on a fake smile to the rest of the world.  Some may argue that all of this hate comes from the early 1900’s in Russia.

Russia has going down really fast and a group of revolutionaries took advantage of it.  They made the country communist and did bad things like killing people and throwing people who opposed them into work camps.  While Russia was under communist control, they also went to a war everybody knows about, WW2.  In this war they fought a country named Germany that had a lot of schnitzels.

By the way, schnitzels are a traditional German dish composed of pork, flour, salt,  lightly beaten eggs, and plain breadcrumbs. Most German natives say the best combination with this dish is a potato salad.  

Wait.. what was that? Did I hear potato?  Yes, potatoes are the best food combination for any meal of the day you are eating.  Whether you’re in America. Canada Finland, Denmark, Germany, Italy, Holland, Russia, China, Mongolia, Japan, or Australia, potatoes will always be your number 1 choice of food. Shout out to all my potatoes


Nobody likes to be afraid.  It makes you feel weak, intimidated, and small.  I watched a movie last week, and it involves a women and her abusive, alcoholic husband.  He is a cop and she goes around the city looking pretty and stuff.  One day, he comes home for dinner and takes a bite out of the pie she made.  He suddenly becomes filled with rage and starts smashing plates.  He complains that he gives and does everything to her and she is not appreciative.  He then pins her down and she reaches for a knife that has fallen from the table in which he smashed.  The wrestle for a while until she shanks him in his abdominal and runs off.  She skips town and goes to a small town by the pier living in fear that her husband might find her and do unimaginable things to her.

This is a problem that most people don’t open up with is domestic abuse.  One of four women will experience domestic abuse in her adolescent life, leading into her adulthood.  Of those 1/4 women, only 1.3 million report the abuse.  The ones who don’t are afraid of what their spouse will do to them, ending when them living a horrible life, but not all hope is lost.

In the movie, the women meets a new man.  They slowly grow on each other and fall for one another.  He notices that she is disturbed and always watches over her back.  She tells him her problem with her husband and he keeps her safe.  Women need to talk to someone about their problem whether it be a therapist, their family, or friends.  Fear is not pleasant at all.


Frames. 15

Yesterday, a friend of mine, Daquan,  took a picture of his 5 west highland white terriers.  They were some cute bastards.  He wanted it to be a ten be five feet portrait to be put in his hallway.  He called me and asked me to go with him to the frame store.  He picked me up at around 6 o’clock and swiped a dark, polished, red wood frame.  It was pretty rad.  He went home to put the picture in the frame when he got a call from his supervisor, LaDavian, who is very famous in the art district.  LaDavian asks if he could borrow the frame, for he was looking for it for weeks and needed it for his art show to show off his new canvas.  They negotiation for a couple of minutes and came to an agreement that LaDavian will get the frame if he lets Daquan borrow his dodge challenger with 30″ rims and 4.5 bounces per second hydraulics.

Daquan drove his car for hours, bouncing up and down streets with wheels spinning more than a season of Wheel of Fortune.  An hour later, Daquan got a call from LaDavian, telling him that his art show was over.  He picked LaDavian up and dropped him off at his house and got his frame back.  LaDavian invited Daquan in for some drinks and snacks and he accepted.  As I was getting out of the car, I saw LaDavian load some white bags into Daquan’s car parked in LaDavians garage.  I carried on thinking it was part of the frame in which he disassembled, but little did I know, LaDavian was part of a drug cartel and was just in an international drug deal that double crossing the other cartel.  It was a blood bath.  They exchange their possessions and parted ways.  As Daquan was turning into my street, he noticed that it was harder to turn, as if his car was full with five people. Then we heard sirens.  I quickly got out of the car and dipped into my house.  Daquan on the other hand, was not so lucky.

The cops dragged him out of his car and arrested him for first degree murder and arson.  They cracked open the trunk and found four body bags and a big frame.  They brought him in for interrogation, but they wouldn’t listen to him.  All the evidence was againts him.  His fingerprints on the frame, the deceased blood on the frame.   It was going terrible for him.  As Daquan was being transported to another location, the windows in the police building were smashed, and Molotov were thrown in.  Nobody knew what was going on, but there was a lot of shouting of “ese”, “foo” “vato”, and “homes”.  After the smoke cleared and the fire died out, everything thing and body was scorched to the earth, except one officer who lived to tell the tale.  The lesson everybody learned was to never let anyone borrow your belongings, unless you do a background check on them.

Potatoes and ‘Murica


If you’ve ever woken up with your stomach growling because you skipped dinner last night, there’s no need to worry.  With this breakfast, made of fine potatoes grown in the best soil, eggs made from the chicken who was laid from a golden egg, and flour made from the finest wheat of kentucky.  Eating this pancake will not only fulfill your desire for food in the morning, but it will make you feel better because you have consumed a potato that day.  There are  many things about potatoes that most people don’t know.  One if it being, that potatoes are the fourth most consumed vegetable on Earth, and is the number one growing crop in the U.S.  Potatoes really help the U.S. make bank, but not enough to pay the $18,137,138,000,000 and counting that we are in debt.  It would take every one of 320,000,000 americans to buy $56,678.56 worth of potatoes to clear the national debt.  Also,  it would take the world population of 7,000,000,000 to buy $2,591.02 worth of potatoes to clear the U.S. national debt, but that’s never going to happen because everybody hates the U.S.

Speaking of money, potatoes are quite cheap, coming in at an average of $5 for 10 lbs.  A person living in california can work for a little more than an half an hour and have enough money to buy 10 lbs of potatoes, a great source of nutrition.  Some may say that potatoes suck, but if you are living your life depending on minimum wage, you go for whatever life gives you, or the great potato deals.  By the way, shout out to the guys up in Seattle for making minimum wage $15.  You the real MVP.

Potato Replacement

I have a dream, that one day all potatoes will be used equally.  Russet potatoes, sweet potatoes, red potatoes, yellow potatoes, blue potatoes, fingerling potatoes and other unknown and soon to be discovered potatoes will exist in the same food together.  Sweet potatoes will be used for mashed potatoes and become a dessert rather than an appetizer.  They will also replace cookie dough, cake batter, cupcake batter, brownie batter, and muffin batter.  Russet potatoes, red potatoes, and yellow potatoes will replace the dough used to make bread, noodles, biscuits, and other types of foods that require dough to make.  Fingerling potatoes will replace small chips made of corn like cheetos and doritos.  Potatoes will revolutionize the food industry in a new era of starch filled goodness.  

Not only will potatoes take over the food industry, it will also take over the fashion industry.  Leather jackets, coats, pants, hats, shoes, shirts, dresses, skirts, belts, and wallets will be replaced be a blend of carbon fiber wire and potato skin for extra durability, and if you get hungry, you can eat your clothes or accessories.  For metal accessories such as belt buckles, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, glasses frames, buttons, zippers, and the loop holes for laces will be made of an alloy of potatoes dried in the sahara desert for decades and a mix of titanium and 1025 steel.  1025 steel is used to make swords, if you were wondering.  And with the potato replaced leather, the alloy is also edible.  Potatoes will be engineered by scientist from schools like MIT, Yale, Harvard, Princeton and Stanford to be human like with human characteristics.  Every part of it will be like a human, except made of potatoes.  Their job is to keep the potato industry growing and to expand it into different branches.  Soon, the world will be made of and run by potatoes.